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Welcome to the website for the Law Office of Joseph F. Murphy

Joseph Murphy is a Registered Patent Attorney who is most focused on assisting the various people and players in the Fashion Industry. He holds degrees in Law and Electrical Engineering, and for over twenty years he has assisted clients in the areas of 3D-Printing, Wearable Technology, and Fashion.

Below are some representative patents from his earliest work in these areas. (Note that the patent drawings are of 3-D printed prototypes, then a rarity, which Joe commissioned.)

In addition to providing general legal counseling, the Office protects client Intellectual Property by writing and filing patent, trademark, and copyright applications. Client Intellectual Property rights are protected through negotiation, litigation, and licensing. Mr. Murphy has experience practicing law both in law firms and in-house, and cooperates well with clients of all sizes, in any environment.

If you have an idea, design, or invention that you want legally protected, The Law Office of Joseph F. Murphy will be pleased to assist you. If you would like a complimentary initial consultation, please click here.

Feel free to browse the rest of this website to gain a greater view of the kind of services offered by The Law Office of Joseph F. Murphy. Thank you for visiting.

For a copy of Joe’s recent article “Looking ahead – the possible effects of 3D printing on the fashion, click here  (World Trademark Review Magazine, March 2015)” For a copy of the magazine the article appears in, click here  (World Trademark Review Magazine, March 2015)